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The Graded Reverse Logistics and Remarketing services are the effective and safe way to manage your returns channel. Using first class processes, failure analysis, data analytics, market leading software, and trusted remarketing channels we can significantly reduce your returns, warranty costs and protect your brand.


Our strategically located sites provide a variety of after-market solutions and services that span all elements of the reverse logistics chain, from managing the return process to final disposition. We collect, inspect, refurbish, repair and remarket products to maximise the value of your returns. We provide a single point of contact and accountability for all your end-to-end after-market services. Through returns and repair reporting we can provide robust product failure data analysis.


Our engineering team can also provide root cause analysis, helping you to reduce the number of returns and continuously improve next-generation products.


Through our streamlined returns process we will help you increase the speed of your product turnaround and response time by reducing waste, recapturing the highest value from your assets and ensuring management of beyond economic repairs. Our wealth of knowledge on product-level environment legislation requirements and parts harvesting will also help to maximise the value of products received as returns.


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