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We understand that returns are a hassle. Why not see how we can can help relieve this pressure and recapture value for your business while protecting your brand.

Customer Returns


Being a forward focused company customer returns are often the last thing on your mind. What if we could recover value from these allowing you to spend more on what matters and improve your customer service at no cost to you at all? Slow returns processing means poor service, dissatisfied customers, higher costs, lost sales and potentially out of date product. At Graded we make these a thing of a distant past.



Overstock & End of Life


Graded bring to reverse logistics the experience, management, infastructure, and technology required to increase control, add asset recovery, improve data management, and save administrative time. Whether we are handling your product returns to help you recapture value, or managing your recycling processes to help you safely dispose of your goods, we'll provide a better experience for your business.



Product Remarketing


With over 200,000 combined feedback on eBay and Amazon UK, access to over 500 less-than-new retail stores and a whole catalogue of independent retailers, wholesalers and export channels, Graded are ideally placed to find controlled resale platforms for your products. We understand better than anyone that protecting your brand, supply chain, and primary market is of paramount importance. 


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